Shoot your shot

2022 | 1h 10m | Sex Comedy

In a freeuse world, hopeless romantic salesman Nicky Rebel finally works up the courage to ask his workplace crush Penelope out on a date, but his obnoxious rival Peter gets in the way. Nicky tries everything to get over his failed attempt to shoot his shot and win Penelope back. Emotions evolve and relationship dynamics shift taking him on a journey through incredible experiences with superiors in office, co-workers and friends.


What is Freeuse?

Take everything you know about sex and place those thoughts aside for a moment. To understand Freeuse, you must first understand it is more than just sex, it is more than a way of thinking, it is a lifestyle. It is the ultimate fantasy of unassuming, universal consensual sex. Freeuse is anywhere, anytime with anyone and for EVERYONE. It is a world where we put aside our differences and enjoy the freedom of giving into our true animalistic nature.